LETTERS: Heath dam – Talking of more than one apocalypse

Published: 30 January, 2014

•  SO Jeremy Simons, chair of the City of London’s Heath Management Committee has written again in support of his consultants’ dam proposal.

In the January 16 New Journal he wrote “under the current proposal the higher dams provide extra temporary storage during large flood events”.

He continues in his letter of January 23 that by storing more water within each chain of ponds in a controlled way and delaying its release “the intensity and frequency of flooding downstream will be reduced”.

Yes, but in a worst-case scenario storing more water will inevitably increase the effect of any failure in the pond dams and discussion about frequency of flooding suggests more than one apocalyptic event in a short time; very unlikely. Controlled release can start from any point, not just the highest.

Any proposal merely to strengthen the dams would be met with a great deal less antagonism than raising them and unsubtle threats invoking the potential of an inspector ordering a much cruder intervention, will not help the dam cause one drop. The effect of raising the dams would not only damage the Heath it would raise the stakes!

Rona Road, NW3