THE JUDICIAL REVIEW was heard over 2 days at the Royal Courts of Justice on Thursday and Friday 13 and 14 November.  It was announced on 28 November that the court had decided against the H&HS. Read more here.


Everyone involved with the DamNonsense campaign would like to thank the 12,000+ people who have shown their disapproval of the City of London plans to ruin Hampstead Heath. The City is seeking permission from Camden Council for works to build and enlarge dams on the Heath. The petition is found here: https://you.38degrees.org.uk/p/damnonsense 

The official deadline for comments has passed but the planning application can be found here: http://ow.ly/zas6o

There was extensive media coverage of the petition, notably it being handed in to Camden. See for example in the Ham&High and Camden New Journal, and on the BBC and ITV. The Green Party support for the campaign is here.

Please Help to Save the Heath Ponds Landscape

The Heath & Hampstead Society is seeking to fund its legal costs in bringing a judicial review in respect of the City of London’s decision to proceed with the Ponds Project.

This is the background. For the past three years the City’s legal and civil engineering advisers have put forward a series of plans to build massive structures on both chains of the Heath ponds to prevent embankment collapse, in the event of a hypothetical “biblical” storm.

The Society considers these proposals to be the most serious threat to the wild and natural state of the Heath since it was formed over 100 years ago; if built these works would permanently blight and disfigure the Heath contrary to the Hampstead Heath Act 1871, and the principal charitable object for which the Society was formed in 1897. The Society has therefore gone to great lengths to persuade the City that their proposals “in the interests of safety” are a grossly excessive response to the danger, and have been based on an incorrect interpretation of the law. The City have not changed their position, but have now agreed to have the matter resolved by a judicial review of their final set of proposals.

The Society therefore has to appeal to members of the Society and the wider public for a targeted sum of £100,000 to fund the Society’s legal expenses. The Society is confident that because it is an environmental matter in the public interest the Society has legal protection limiting to £10,000 the amount of the City’s costs, which could be awarded against the Society, if the Society is unsuccessful.

Any form of litigation is of course a risky and unpredictable business. The Society is, however, encouraged to proceed by the view of its President, Lord Hoffmann (see the text of his speech on this website), endorsed by Stephen Tromans QC, a leading Counsel in environmental and reservoir safety law, who has advised the Society has a “well arguable case”.

Despite the gravity of the situation, the Society can only proceed if it has sufficient financial support. In the event the Society does not proceed or receives more than its costs, it will return your donation pro rata, unless you indicate on the enclosed form that it is in order for the Society to retain the funds.

All contributions, however large or small, will be gratefully received.

Please make your cheque payable to The Heath & Hampstead Society and kindly complete and send with it the Gift Aid form (download HERE) to The Treasurer, Heath & Hampstead Society, 22 Maryon Mews, London NW3 2PU.

Contact info@heathandhampstead.org.uk if you have any queries.